HackMyHeart.com is about experiencing and sharing the love and beauty of life!

I’m Calae, a recent college graduate with a degree in English and a minor in web technology. It’s my hope to grow this site into something beneficial for everyone who comes across it, by sharing my own journey and findings with you!

I’m just getting started, but please feel free to look around and say hello! =D

  • Lina

    Hey, Calae :D It’s Lina from PE.
    Just wanted to let you know that I really like the meaning behind your blog’s name and also, after reading a few of your posts, I have to say that your writing style is pleasant – beautiful, yet not too intricate.Wish you all the best!

    • http://hackmyheart.com/ Calae

      Thank you, Lina! I really appreciate your kind words! I’m sorry I didn’t see your comment sooner, I thought I would be notified of comments by email but I guess not. Still getting over that learning curve! ^^; I have to start writing again, thank you for the encouragement based on what I’ve written so far! ^^

  • mmdmrg

    Interesting. We used to own this domain name 10 years back. Was just checking if we still own it. We had a plan to make this a dating site :) Anyway, good luck to you.