Affirmation Challenge Day 1: A New Beginning

I’m not sure about you guys, but the fact that it’s possible to change your life at any moment is fascinating. If you change your thoughts and take actions to support your goals, it’s entirely possible to achieve them, even if the goals are huge!

For PE’s Affirmation Challenge Day 1, Celes invites us to think about a limiting belief we may hold, and 1) uncover why we hold this limiting belief 2) change this into an empowering belief and 3) identify something you can do to put this new belief into practice.

After you’ve identified your new belief, repeat it to yourself along with the affirmation of the day:

Today is a brand new day.
My past does not define me.
My future is mine to create

For me, I find that often I put off getting things done until the last minute — they always get done, to be sure, but the stress caused by putting things off would be a nice thing to be rid of!

I thought about why this is, and came up with the conclusion that I’m afraid of doing badly, so I put things off out of fear — which ironically increases the chances that I’ll do badly as I give myself less time to complete the tasks I’m given. It’s also difficult if I can’t find meaning in the tasks I’m doing, though I’ve found with some thought you can usually always find meaning in what you do. After all, if there weren’t ANY reason, you wouldn’t be doing the task in the first place!

So for me, my new empowering thoughts are:

I live with passion and purpose. I put my best effort into everything that I do, because my work is a reflection of me and I am immeasurably valuable.

My next action steps are to first, identify the purpose of anything I’m working on, and strive to work mostly on things that are most valuable to me, and second, give myself whatever I need to get the job done well.

This second point for me currently means giving myself a firm “timeline” to get things done by, even before the “real” deadline. I think this sense of urgency spurs better work, especially if there’s something that needs being done but may not be the most enjoyable task. Perhaps in the future I will find this isn’t true (or that there’s other things I need to get things done well), but I think this will be a great tool in addition to my first action step!

That’s all for today! Check out my comment on PE about today’s  challenge. What did you think of today’s tasks? Any suggestions for my action steps? Let me know below! =)