Affirmation Challenge Day 10: Love

I’m doubling up today to make up for being busy yesterday evening, so my first post of the day will be about the Affirmation Challenge Day 10, focusing on love!

What a lovely focus for the day! Love is something I very highly value, and I like to try my best to employ the concept of love in all that I do, and encourage it in others. By “love” I don’t necessarily mean romantic; rather, to me it’s more about incorporating respect, appreciation, and a general well-wishing into our actions. For example, I try to encourage people not to judge others at a glance — after all, it’s impossible to know someone’s story this way!

Today, however, we’re asked to focus on romantic love. As I have a wonderful boyfriend, I will be doing today’s tasks with that in mind.

So what is my ideal relationship with my boyfriend? It’d be one in which we’re both confidently in love with each other, where “I love you’s” are said with meaning and without hesitation or condition. It’s one where we both take time to talk to one and other each day, not just about what’s going on with our lives but what we’re thinking about, and other types of intellectual discussion. It’s one where we take interest in each other’s hobbies as much as we can, and do things today in which we have a common interest. It’s one where we hug and cuddle often, hold hands, and in general openly show our affection for one another. It’s one where we both encourage each other to grow and better ourselves and achieve our goals. It’s one where we care deeply about each other’s feelings and problems, yet try to be as logical about things as we can where logic is appropriate. Thoughtful gifts or “extra” shows of affection every once in a while would also be nice, such as dates, or bringing home something yummy to eat, or small gifts or extra special attention.

So what are the action steps I need to take to achieve this? Fortunately, my relationship currently holds most of these ideals. =) I think the challenge will be maintaining it in the near future, when my boyfriend moves a few cities away and begins medical school — he will be busy studying, I will be working each day, and so we’ll probably see each other a lot less and under more stressful circumstances. For meaning our “I love yous,” I know we definitely mean it in the sense that we’re super important and special to each other, but to mean it in terms of unconditional, “you’re the one for me” type of way is quite a way off (and only if it turns out we are the ones for each other, obviously). Only time will tell with that one! As for the rest, I think if we continue or increase what we currently do, that would be great as I don’t feel like we’re lacking in any of these areas — we do what we can with the time/budget we’re allowed!

I will continue to make sure my boyfriend knows how much he means to me, and help him out when I’m able. I’m confident that he’ll continue to do his best as well. =) Regardless of the future, I know we’ll always mean a lot to each other, and that’s really the most I can hope for.

How did you guys do on this affirmation today? =)