Affirmation Challenge Day 11: Career

We’re on Day 11 of PE’s Affirmation Challenge, this time focusing on our careers!

I really like the idea of today’s challenge, which is essentially to get us thinking about what is possible in terms of how we work and earn money. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately as I’ve been planning out my long-term goals and desires, so I’m interested to see if I come up with any new insights today!

First things first: what do I want to be doing? Ideally, I’d love to be working for myself, making various articles, books, and whatever other forms of writing I can create and share, and apps and websites as well. I love technology and so I very much want to utilize it as my means of making money! It would be a passive-income business, which makes sense and things like apps and websites pretty well lend themselves to being published and available without actively working to make them so. Of course, they’d need to be updated, but there’s no reason that needs to take the time of a full-time job!

My audience would vary based on what medium I’ve produced — a game app might be targeted to younger kids, but a guide on studying could be for high-school or college-aged people. As a whole, I want to encourage imagination, learning, and betterment, so whoever wants to engage these things more would be my ideal audience! In terms of an “ideal” amount of money I want to make…why not aim for a million dollars a year and see what happens? =p

So now that I know what I want to do, what’s stopping me? My biggest obstacle is learning about web and app development where I’m able to create my ideal sites and apps. I know the basics of a lot of different web and programming technologies, but nothing much past a beginner level. Therefore, I need to continue to educate myself so I can get past these “lower levels” and reach the point of the professionals! My second biggest obstacle is my time/energy with which I can go after my goals. After I come home from work each day, I’m so thoroughly exhausted that despite my desire to get things done, I really just look forward to unwinding and vegging out. My third biggest obstacle is coming up with (and then focusing on) ideas. I tend to have a hard time coming up with ideas, but then if I do come up with a new one, I almost always want to stop whatever it is I’m currently working on in the name of this new idea. I very rarely see things to the end for this reason (and possibly others).

With some thought, I’ve come up with some action plans to get me through these obstacles:

  1. The need to learn new skills/”level up” my skills
    1. Make sure I am learning something new every day that applies to my goals
    2. Meanwhile, make use of the skills I do have
      • I just realized while writing out my obstacles that I do have the means to create some things (specifically, writing), so there’s no reason I can’t make use of the skills I already have while learning more of the skills I want!
  2. Having low energy
    1. Make eating healthily more of a priority — I’m not sure I’m eating enough/well enough each day, hence the low energy
      • Make sure I always have “easy” healthy meals on hand, like fruit for smoothies
    2. Make sure I get to sleep at a reasonable hour at night — probably no later than 11pm
    3. Make daily goals that are clear and specific and identify my motivation(s) for doing them
      • It’s hard to be lazy/tired when you’re psyched to do something!
  3. Seeing my plans through to the end/better handling ideas
    1. Allow myself adequate time to brainstorm each day, so I can be more likely to utilize good ideas when the time comes and therefore reduce the likelihood of coming up with a “better” idea later
    2. Make sure I have a clear plan and goals
    3. Give myself enough “buffer” time to allow for any surprises in my schedule, this way I’m not completely derailed if I miss a day or so.

Phew! I think that’s all I’ve got in me for today. Tomorrow, I plan to make more specific plans of my larger goals (yes, I’m planning to plan. xD) I’m really hoping that this planning –utilizing the action steps from the challenge so far, especially — will help me kick-start my path to the type of money-making I truly desire.

What plans did you guys come up with? What will you be doing to achieve your goals, moving forward? Let me know, I’d love to hear them! =)