Affirmation Challenge Day 15: [X]

Welcome, everyone, to the final day, Day 15, of the Affirmation Challenge at PE! Today, we’ve been asked to come up with our own affirmation!

I’ve put this task off for a bit, because I really wanted to give it thought and come up with something that will energize me whenever I think of it. Something so motivating, that it can lead me to action even when I don’t particularly want to take action (or if I’m scared).

My thoughts lead me to the heroes of stories I love. In particular, I’m a huge fan of Elsa from Disney’s “Frozen.” I can totally relate to her fears, and I love how she overcomes these fears through the power of love, of all things!

Thinking about my fascination of magic, fantasy, and all of the “super powers” of the inspiring people in the stories I love, I wanted to create an affirmation that made me feel as empowered as when I read about these heroes’ great acts, or sing along to the songs that get me pumped up and feeling like I can do anything. I really wanted to capture for the motivating and inspiring feeling I get from reading, watching, or listening to these stories and music.

My magic is the ability to achieve my dreams. My power is limitless and in my control. I create the path and the future before me.

While creating this affirmation, I had two songs in mind: The wonderful, amazing, “Let it Go” by Idina Menzel, and “Holding on to You” by Twenty One Pilots (the latter of the two might require a lyric look-up, as he sings quite fast!). Both of these are very inspirational “pump up” songs for me, and I tried to create a concise essence of them both within my affirmation. I love the songs/movies that show me someone achieving their potential after overcoming something (both of these songs to me imply overcoming self-imposed limits). I just can’t get enough of the inspiration these songs bring me! I’m so sad that “Let it Go” is at that stage where people are sick of it because it’s overplayed, because I really think the message is super powerful.

I think that’s it for me for today, though I’m really happy that I finally came up with an affirmation that truly resonates with me. =)

How did you guys do with today’s challenge? What affirmation did you come up with? Let me know, I’d love to hear them!