Affirmation Challenge Day 2: Self-Love

Time for Day 2 of the Affirmation Challenge hosted by PE! Today is about focusing on the love we have for ourselves.

I was particularly excited for today’s affirmation, and I was super excited to get home and really think/write about it after work…only for my power to go out.

My area recently has been experiencing brief but damaging storms. This is the second time in the last five days I’ve lost power for the evening — thankfully each time it’s come back on by the morning. Hopefully, there isn’t another power-outage any time soon, but I digress!

So, a day later, I’m back to do both day 2 and day 3’s affirmation challenges. I’ll still keep each day in a separate post!

Today, Celes asked us to identify a self-hating belief. It could be as extreme as just that — hating yourself entirely — or even just disliking a certain aspect of yourself. Either way, there is no reason to hold these beliefs, as they only hurt ourselves in the long run.

For me, this comes with a struggle of never feeling good enough. I would not say I hate myself by any means, but I usually feel like I “need” something before I can be “truly” happy with myself, like I need to work harder, be healthier, make more people happy, stop procrastinating, be more confident…

I’m always assigning myself a new time at which I’ll truly love myself and be happy. In fact, just in typing this out I realized the irony in one of my thoughts: I’m waiting for the right conditions to occur so I can feel I truly love and am happy with myself, yet the flaw is assigning your self-worth to such symbols — accomplishments, physical things, whatever they may happen to be. Truly, the only thing preventing unconditional self-love is assuming self-love is conditional!

For today’s affirmation, my new thoughts are:

I don’t need to wait for anything, I love myself now. I’m worthy of love now. I don’t need to meet any criteria to be valuable. Improvement is a journey, there is no destination at which my happiness is waiting. I feel love, worthiness, and happiness right now, and take these with me as I move forward.

Pretty excited about this one, can you tell? =D

As for my next steps to demonstrate my new self-love? I think tonight I’m gonna  settle-in early and cuddle up with my Kindle and a nice cup of hot cocoa or tea. =)

What is your response to today’s Affirmation Challenge? How will you show yourself self-love today? Let me know in the comments, I am really excited to see everyone’s thoughts!

  • Lisa Magoch Johnson

    I’m trying to think of some way to show myself love that I haven’t already thought of. Then, realize, that’s it. Ever get to worrying about things so much that even your inner voice says, “STOP IT!!” My loving gesture, today, is to lay off on the worrying. It’s a difficult habit to break, but it’s so counterproductive. Maybe I’ll bake some more, today, too. :)

    • Calae

      Haha, I love this! I was sitting here thinking to myself, “Oh gosh, I can’t think of any good way to show myself self-love!” And then I realized, worrying was definitely NOT a sign of self-love, anyway. xD I agree on worry being counter-productive and yet difficult to break; I’m always trying to stop worrying so much, which makes me worry more, and eventually it just becomes waaay too much! Baking sounds good, too! I bet you make delicious things, Lisa! =D

      • Lisa Magoch Johnson

        My daughter just told me she loves the banana bread I made. Now, I am down to #5 on my morning to-do list. I feel like I accomplished something. Even if catching up on blogs is taking a bit of time.

        • Calae

          That’s awesome! Mm, I love banana bread too! Way to go on accomplishing so many of your to-dos!