Affirmation Challenge Day 7: Opportunities

Today I’m playing catch-up with PE’s Affirmation Challenge (last night I was stopped because of a visit from a special birthday boy =p), so we’re now onto day 7, which focuses on opportunities! I’ll be doing days 8 and 9 tomorrow, most likely.

To be honest, reading about this day’s challenge made me feel awful. I’m always putting off trying to achieve my dreams because of one reason or another — today I was just too busy and too tired; I need to learn how to do X before I can begin achieving my dream; I need to come up with a better plan/complete course Y/fulfill A, B, and C criteria before I can achieve it.

Put simply, I’m not a woman of much action, though by looking at my plans it’d seem I should be! Usually I fail because I put too much on my plate; near the beginning of this month, I got super motivated and decided I wanted to do two different 30-day challenges at the same time. I figured I was familiar with the challenges so I could probably handle them both at once.

I’ll never know, though — I didn’t start until the third or the fourth of the month, meaning I was already trying to play catch-up just for the sake of being able to match my progress with the day of the month! After a few days, I gave up because it was just becoming too stressful and I was starting to do the challenges just to get them done, not putting my best effort into them.

Then there’s today. I read the challenge, decided today would be the day I take action on all the things, and promptly made a to-do list that highlighted my “top 3″ tasks of the day, but ended up with a total of 9-10 tasks. I got home from work however and I’ve accomplished nearly none of them. Things came up, I got distracted, and bam! It’s almost 10 o’clock, and I’m just trying to catch up with the affirmation challenge!

This particular theme for the day is hard for me because I fail, over and over again, to take action.

My theory is that I’ve yet to find a “realistic” way to set my goals. I’ve been having some success getting things done by assigning tasks and “due by” times to my work assignments, but this is very micro-focused on my job, and coming home I haven’t spent much, if any, time on the things truly important to me. I usually desperately need rest and time to unwind…which isn’t a bad thing, but that carries into my whole evening!

My strategy for this is, starting at least with this week’s weekly review on Sunday, I’m going to break down my yearly goals (the ones listed in my life plan) to months, and then come up with broader goals for the weeks remaining this month, and daily goals for next week. This way, I have a very clear view of what gets done when and the overall effect it will have on achieving things in the big picture. I think each step currently feels so small, which is partly why I haven’t taken the steps at all.

To help achieve this, each day I’m going to find my inner motivation for each of my “big three” tasks for the day — the big, important tasks I want to get done. I may make a separate, general, to-do list each day as well, and I’ll probably continue making one for work, but if I keep track of not only what’s important but why, I may have an easier time actually doing it. Just a theory for now, but worth a shot, no?

My empowering thought about opportunities?

Don’t act “as if” your life depends on it; act BECAUSE your life depends on it!

I think for now, this is enough from me. I’ve got one more post to catch up with (yay!), and I’m really tired so I want to get that done with and get to bed. I’ve also got an update/extended version of yesterday’s challenge I want to share at some point as well, so that’ll be up probably tomorrow sometime, assuming I don’t change my mind about sharing it.

How do you guys create opportunities in your life? How do you get yourself to take action?