Affirmation Challenge Day 8: Physical Looks

For today’s Affirmation Challenge, we’re going to take a good, hard look at ourselves…literally.

At first I didn’t think I was going to have any problems with this one. “I’m pretty okay with myself.” I thought. “Even if I dislike a certain aspect of myself, it’s rarely ever permanent. I’ll go back to being okay with it all soon.”

The first step of today is to rate our looks. “A seven.” I thought automatically. “Well, maybe a six.” I thought about the times I look “eh” and the times I look “wow!” and I figured I was probably on the six side of things more often.

But why?

I picked up a mirror; the second part was to look at ourselves. I didn’t think I looked great. My face seemed too round and my features seemed too narrow. My lips were full but didn’t have a nice shape. My nose was huge from the side, and too narrow from the front. My eyes seemed bland if I took off the thick black frame of my glasses. My hair was shiny, but it flared away from my head only near my cheeks, accentuating their roundness. I looked plain. Not attractive.

I couldn’t believe how much was wrong with me.

I kept looking, though. I wanted to see my true beauty, my real beauty, myself. I kept staring and staring.

I gave up for a bit and took a break. I picked up the mirror, and put it down. I didn’t see it. I didn’t feel beautiful.

Desperately, I got up to look in my full-length mirror. It seemed different, seeing my whole self rather than just my face. My features were still the same, but something changed what I saw. I smiled. I could see it, my inner goddess. I wondered if I could see her from now on.

I hope so; it was a much nicer way to see myself than before.

How did it go for you guys? Let me know!