Affirmation Challenge Day 9: Relationships

Today is about identifying what’s important to you in a relationship (romantic or otherwise), and figuring out ways to create and foster those kinds of relationships.

Celes opens the challenge of the day asking us if the people close to us fit two criteria — 1) Are you able to fully express yourself/share your goals, values, purpose, etc. with them? Or do you have to stick with mundane topics? 2) Do they support and empower you, or do they put you down?

I thought about this for a minute, my initial thoughts being, “No way! I would sound like I’m babbling incoherently if I mentioned all of these things!” But that’s simply not the case; in fact, I’m very fortunate that I have very supportive people in my life! While I may not be able to explain everything to them exactly as I do it, the fact is I still bring it up in more subtle ways. For example, I can mention the things that are important to me to other people, and my goals — and the more solid of a plan I have to execute them, the more likely these won’t be seen as “fantasy” but thought-out, life change.

If anything, I think anyone’s doubt in my abilities comes from me, either by me not being solid on my goals, or doing a lot of talking but little action. If I show results, though, obviously I’m less “crazy” wanting the goals I’ve set for myself!

Some different kinds of relationships I want are: emotionally supportive, intellectually supportive, experience-exchanging (as in, having a mentor or a mentee), and someone with whom I can discuss my dreams/engage my imagination.

Honestly, I’ve got maybe one or two people whom I trust to discuss my dreams, but I feel that’s all I need! I’ve got plenty of people to support me emotionally (thank goodness for that!), and intellectually, I’m surrounded by incredible smart people. In terms of having a mentor (as I’m not sure I could be a mentor to anyone right now!), I really don’t have one. The closest I can get is to the teachers/writers who create the materials I’ve been using to learn. Even if I don’t have direct contact with them, they’re still providing me the opportunity to learn!

In terms of where I can find more people (perhaps such as those also learning the skills I’m learning), I’d say I’d probably find most of them in communities online. I’m not big on meeting people I don’t already know in real life, plus I feel the types of things I love to learn are better discussed online — for example, personal growth and all sorts of programming/app development have huge communities online. But in real life, it can be harder to find people who are growth-focused, and it’s almost easier to discuss things like programming online/over the computer.

If I start to think of other ways I can meet people, I’ll give it a go. I’m not sure if I’ve even fully realized the types of people/support I want in my life!

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for today. What types of relationships do you guys want? Do you have any of them already in your life? How are you planning on finding these kinds of people? Let me know! =D